Why Guyana Should Have A National Observatory – By Cosmata Lindie

My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all. ~ Stephen Hawking

For as long as humankind has been on this earth we have looked up at the heavens and marveled and wondered what is really out there, and where, exactly, do we fit in?  Far from just asking questions though, we actively go in search of answers to these questions even while being, for the most part, grounded on earth.  The quest for truth and understanding has led us to create instruments that allow us to see far beyond what is normally visible to the human eye, without necessarily having to board the nearest spacecraft.

This planet that we call home is just one of eight (it used to be nine before Pluto got booted from the official list for being too small) planets that make up the solar system.  However, our solar system is only part, and a very small part, of a vast, interconnected system of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, comets and a host of other heavenly bodies and elements, some known, many still unknown or barely known, collectively called the universe or the cosmos.  It is truly an awe-inspiring universe that we live in and one which the majority of Guyanese will never get to experience beyond that which can be seen with the naked eye. Continue reading

We Should Preserve Access To The Night Sky – by Dharsanie Rampersaud



2019. By Dharsanie Rampersaud

Growing up, I was fortunate and still am to relish in the beauty and grandeur of the night sky. Whatever I’m today is because of the perspectives I have gained by looking at the night sky, and contemplating my place in the cosmos. Yet that opportunity is not accessible to everyone. Light pollution is quietly robbing people of what could be the greatest scientific and spiritual experience they could ever have- simply looking up and humbly wondering what could be their place in the universe. Continue reading

1st 2019 Essay Competition Announced


We are very happy to announce our first essay competition of 2019! You could win your very own telescope — worth $30,000 GYD — just by writing a short essay!

See details below.

Just submit a short essay (700 – 1200 words max) to us supporting the moot ‘We should preserve access to the night sky’. The essay should address the growing problem of light pollution and what a country like Guyana can do to ensure we preserve and value the night sky.

If your essay is chosen as providing a carefully articulated and well-argued position, you will be the winner of a beautiful 90mm Explore Scientific telescope. See image below.

This telescope is excellent for a beginner or experienced stargazer. It is easy to use, super portable, and lightweight. Comes with every accessory you need, including a smartphone adapter.

To submit your essay, either email ferlin@aaagy.org or send us an attachment as PDF in messenger. It’s that easy!

Both the general public and registered members of AAAG are invited to participate. Excluded are committee and honorary members.

Deadline to submit is August 2nd, 2019!!! So mark your calendars!

The winner will be announced by the end of August as we carefully read through submissions.

So grab your pens (or computers) and get writing! We can’t wait to read your submissions. Good luck, and clear skies wherever you are in Guyana! 🧐🔭🖋️🗒️

If you haven’t visited our website as yet, go check it out. Membership is free! https://aaagy.org

(Note: This competition is restricted to residents of Guyana only).