Announcement: Christmas Competition 2019

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We’re delighted to announce details about our Christmas competition. This year’s Christmas competition will be based on ART, POETRY, and WRITING, combined with your passion for astronomy.

Option #1 – ART for ages 16 and under
If you are 16 or under, submit a photo of your artistic drawing, painting or photograph of something relevant to astronomy. For example, a painting of the solar system, or a photograph of the milky way. Be creative!
Option #2 – POETRY for ages 16 and under
Compose a poem related to any theme in astronomy and simply express yourself. Be creative and connect astronomy to your culture or personality.
Option #3 – ESSAY for ages 17 and over
Send us an essay of no more than 1000 words arguing for the motion that ‘Guyana should have a national observatory’. The winning essay will get to be featured on our website AND receive a special gift.
– Two 50mm telescope will be awarded to two children in the ART and POETRY categories.
– One 70mm telescope will be awarded to an individual who is age 17 or above in the ESSAY category.
– Be creative!
– Must be a resident in Guyana.
– Must meet the age requirement specified in each category.
Submit on or before December 15th.
– To participate, simply email with your submission, along with your Name and Age.
– Children under 16 years old without an email could have their parents submit on their behalf, specifying their child’s name and age.
Winners expected to be announced by mid-December, before Christmas Day.
Best wishes!
If you are a fan of astronomy, and looking for a community to discuss astronomy and other related subjects, then consider joining us to help us promote astronomy to a wider local audience. Membership is free, with exclusive perks. Click below to find out more:-

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