2018 – Christmas Star Party at the Seawall



We held a successful Christmas star party last year (2018). There was approximately 40 guests who showed up, though at differing time intervals. We had four telescopes that were assembled, ready to observe the Moon and other objects within observable range. Cloud cover did make seeing conditions challenging, but gradually cleared up to allow for decent viewing.

Among our guests were quite a few children with their parents. It is always a joy to be in the company of curious children. One of them came prepared for the occasion with a cool looking printed T-shirt depicting the solar system. His mother, who accompanied him, happily remarked that he aspires to become an Astronaut. In our view, that is an incredible aspiration for such a young fellow. It’s encouraging to witness parents support their children’s ambitions at such a young age because often times those children do end up fulfilling their career aspirations. With the right support and parental guidance, coupled with determination, dreams can be made possible.


GT Star Boy – An aspiring Astronaut

We did giveaway quite a few gifts. A granny and her two granddaughters took home a DVD/Blu-ray set of the BBC documentary ‘Wonders of the Universe’, hosted by British Physicist Brian Cox. The proud father and mother of another young man won himself a 50mm Carbon Fiber refractor telescope, with the book ‘Astronomy 101’ to get him started in appreciating the wonders of the night sky.


Granny and her two grand daughters

In the new year, we hope to deliver more activities and gifts to those interested in pursuing astronomy, whether personally on their own or with a community that they could share their experiences with.

Happy new year. See you in 2019!

Clear skies, Guyana!


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