Guyana’s First Public Star Party – Jupiter-Venus Conjunction over Guyana

In the year 2015, I bought an astrograph telescope (254mm) online and other components recommended to go with it, including an EQ mount and photographic accessories. I’ve been actively imaging the night sky ever since; learning the fields of astronomy and astrophotography.

One of the things that fascinates me about the night sky is how wonderful it is, especially through a telescope that reveals all its glory and grandeur. The celestial objects are nothing less than a grand spectacular show, almost purposely display the need to be observed.


Conjunction over Guyana – Venus lower left, Jupiter and some of its moons at top

During the Jupiter-Venus conjunction last year, I took my equipment out to our great seawalls (a border of solid stone and cement built to keep the ocean from flooding inland). The seawalls were built by the Dutch colonialists who came to Guyana for resources and land. They recognized that constant flooding occurred in the central town, known today as Georgetown. Today, people often visit the seawalls to hang out, spend quality time with family and friends, or just enjoy the serenity of the ocean waves under a decorated sun-lit sky at dawn.

Back to the planetary conjunction event: People who were nearby came to see me set up my equipment, which seemed unusual to them. Once everything was working and aligned, I pointed to the planets. Through the optics, it was a spectacular view using just the 25mm eyepiece I have. I took a few photos with my DSLR camera which was mounted to the telescope’s 2″ eyepiece holder using a prime focus adapter. After I was done capturing the conjunction of the two planets, I then invited people around, some of which who came by on their own, to have a look through the optics. Their reaction was just wonderful to see. I like seeing people’s faces light up when they first look through a telescope, and then the questions come naturally after. Questions like, ‘Are we alone?’, ‘Is it real?’ or perhaps ‘What more is out there?’.

Astronomy is not only an interesting hobby, but it is also truly a field that connects people across borders and differences. Surely, one people under one sky!

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