Welcome to the official website of AAAG! We are always looking to expand our astronomy network. If you consider yourself as someone who is passionate about astronomy, looking to be part of a learning and growing community, then do consider joining us!  With collaboration and enthusiasm, we can bring the heavens closer to every Guyanese! Check out our free membership now! Also, donations are appreciated very much. Helping us financially allows us to acquire telescopes for public benefit, maintain our website, and funding public activities for a marvelous time under the night sky. To those who have donated, a very special thanks to you! 

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Guyana (AAAG) was founded by Guyanese astrophotographer, Ferlin Pedro, in collaboration with a team of wonderful young people who share an interest and passion in the night sky. The establishment started out as an informal group that would gather frequently with other local amateur astronomers, and those generally interested in astronomy and science. AAAG is run entirely by young Guyanese with diverse professional and academic backgrounds.

AAAG has a wide range of yearly activities: from camping trips under a dark sky retelling the story of our current scientific understanding of the universe, to guided night sky tours of celestial objects, and events featuring educational workshops and lectures in astronomy; competitions to win free telescopes, and so much more! Join us to become one among the stars!

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